Āzine is a Paris based fashion brand with an experimental and thought- provoking approach to design. With a strong sense of invention and newness based on intuition, insight, the brand thrives on the unexpected, pushing the boundaries of inherited rules to create a fresh point of view. Āzine aims to empower women by supporting the female artisans whose local craft is at risk of disappearing and build a safe community to help women in different form.

Āzine provide unidentical and unique pieces by upcycling unused items.  Considering the environmental crisis, Āzine wants to take step in to sustainability, and freshen your wardrobe with desirable silhouettes, colors and patterns that are rich and surprising, and details are a visual twist that begs a closer look. An uncompromising approach to the quality of materials used defines the finished product. Āzine offers its diverse audience a luxury product at an accessible price point.



Warrior of beauty

Āzine was born in Shiraz, the city of love birds and poetry, and now residing in Paris. An artsy spirit who is seeking the freedom that France has to offer to express herself through creative designs and visuals while showcasing her heritage with new touch and her definition. She always had a hand in art and crafting things, and playing with colors. Her personal journey is the source of inspiration and she would like to have a positive impact on society.

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