Interpretation of the theme Life Re-Engineered is my origin to this day, that I’m living in Paris, which shaped my perspective and values


Transforming of traditional clothes of Qashqai nomads into contemporary pieces. Qashqai women’s clothing is very diverse and colorful. Women wear multi-layered skirts with short jackets.They wear lace scarves on their head and they use jewelry that reflects their dependence and wealth. The traditional nomadic Qashqai travelled with their flocks twice yearly to and from the summer highland pastures north of Shiraz roughly 480 km or 300 miles south to the winter pastures on lower (and warmer) lands near the Persian Gulf, to the southwest of Shiraz. The majority, however, have now become partially or wholly sedentary. The trend towards settlement has been increasing markedly since the 1960s. Every time they move, they need to pack all their stuff, move with their flocks and set up their camps again. The same goes over and over. 

The nomads always need to get water from the river, rely on solar energy, and are highly dependent on their flocks. They are self-sufficient and their herds of sheep and goats are their main source of income. From these animals, they get meat, cheese, and milk and they also sell the newborns at the markets of the different cities. Nevertheless, many Qashqai people are happy with this lifestyle because they are very proud of continuing a tradition which has been going for many generations.

The Concept of living like a nomad and maintain your life in a closed loop, made me think; Can fashion be self-sufficient?

Individuality is not a term, it is a process,The characteristics of individuality are independence and self-will


Recognition of individuality in the past were depend on groups as they shared the same color skin, traditions, religion , etc. By evolving and globalization, human being seek more individualism, In a way that they seem to share and connect to each other in a different form by their need and curiosity. People became more connected and sharing and some people found their own identity, uniqueness and distinction and that applies to anyone and someday everyone will find their own uniqueness and oneness at their own phase, because WE ALL HAVE MORE IN COMMON THAN WE HAVE IN DIFFERENCES.